Sound & Light Animatronics

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About Us

In the beginning, there were plush animals. And with our invention of the squeezer, sound was introduced into soft toys and the plush industry was changed forever. A brand new category of animation plush was born and we have made it our forte and niche in the market place ever since.

Launched in 2008 under the current name, Sound and Light Animatronics is the continuation of a successful family business that originated in Taiwan in 1978. For the last 30 years, we have been bringing plush to life by adding the simple elements of sound and light to all our creations. We have come a long way since introducing the squeezer, creating some of the most innovative and cutting edge animation mechanism the market has ever seen.

Today, we are widely recognized as the leading children’s entertainment design house in the industry – with a sales office and a 10,000 square feet showroom in Hong Kong, two design studios, two plush / assembly factories, and one module factory, located in Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Nanjing.

Our products are sold throughout the world and can be found everywhere from mass retail chains to high-end department stores and boutiques. No matter the target audience or price range, we have only one mission with our creations: putting a smile on your face.